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Tropical chic patio

You've probably seen it in every magazine and home decor store, the tropical style is one of the major trend of 2015. Tropical plants, flashy colors, pineapples and flamingos are everywhere.  I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of this trend for t...

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Chinese Chippendale chairs

One of the major trends of this summer is natural fiber furniture and especially rattan, bamboo and wicker chairs and armchairs. I'm not a huge fan of the natural and vintage version, like in the 50/70', but on the other hand I really love the paint ...

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10 ways to add marble to your interior

Marble is one of the major trends of 2015. If you don't have the chance to have a kitchen or a bathroom in marble, you still have the possibility of adding some marble objects to add a chic and luxurious touch to your interior. 1 // ...

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